Augmented Finance engaged with PeckShield to improve the protocol’s security

Augmented Finance
3 min readJul 27, 2021



  • Augmented Finance started the security audit of the protocol smart contracts with PeckShield
  • PeckShield is the global leading blockchain security company that audited leading DeFi protocols — Aave, Maker, SushiSwap, and more
  • The security audit by PeckShield will help ensure the security of the Augmented Finance protocol, and is just one of a set of measures we take to make the protocol secure

Dear Augmented Community,

We are pleased to announce that we have engaged a leading blockchain security company, PeckShield, to carry out an audit of the Augmented Finance protocols’ smart contracts.

We’ve chosen PeckShield because of the team’s extensive expertise and proven track record. PeckShield has rich experience and solid tech capabilities in code security auditing, economic models, and DeFi specific business logics, serving various DeFi projects, including Maker DAO, Aave, Zerion, InstaDApp, SushiSwap and others.

Augmented Finance is on a goal to bring the next wave of innovation in DeFi.​​ Our intent to do so is demonstrated through partnerships with protocols like Chainlink and now Peckshield.

The protocol’s security is our top priority and we’re constantly raising the bar for our security standards so that users can sleep well.

The security audit isn’t the only thing that assures the security of user funds:

  • Non-custodial protocol

This means that we don’t manage crypto on your behalf. Unlike, say, depositing your money in a bank; with Augmented Finance protocol you always maintain control over your cryptocurrency.

  • Protected infrastructure

We use different software solutions (like Cloudflare) to prevent different types of attacks on our website. Please bookmark the only valid URL to access the website:

  • Fast customer support

We’re ready to answer your questions in Discord (#support), the chat on the website, and via email (

  • Security alerts

We have dedicated devops specialists who track the security of the protocol 24/7. Should anything happen, we’ll instantly notify you via our social media profiles in Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Medium, and Reddit.

The launch of Augmented Finance is approaching and the team is doing its very best to ensure a smooth start to the project.

Thank you for your support and stay Augmented!


About PeckShield

PeckShield is a blockchain security company that aims to elevate the security, privacy, and usability of the entire blockchain ecosystem by offering top-notch, industry-leading services and products. The company was founded by forward-looking, passionate entrepreneurs and veteran researchers, with a strong desire to improve state-of-the-art security of large-scale systems. With a recent focus on blockchains, PeckShield publishes trending reports and provides services and products to identify hidden vulnerabilities (e.g., in smart contracts and consensus protocols), expose zero-day exploits, and defend against emerging threats.

About Augmented Finance

Augmented Finance is a DeFi liquidity protocol for high-yield lending and low-interest borrowing of digital assets, launched fairly and enabled by AI.

Augmented Finance is on a mission to help everyone achieve and secure financial independence and be a trusted long-term source of income and liquidity.

Augmented Finance focuses on intelligence as a core capability. Augmented Finance learns and evolves behavior based on market activity and brings the highest level of efficiency to the market. Augmented Finance factors in not only collateralization levels but also liquidation history, interactions with other lending protocols, and transactional patterns to develop an intelligent and quantitative profile of borrowers and lenders.

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Augmented Finance

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