Augmented Finance Launches Exclusive Private #VIP Discord Channel For Liquidity Providers Who Supplied $100,000+

🎟️ Supply $100k+ in any assets and join exclusive private Discord channel #VIP for personal support and direct communication with devs! ​

How to join #VIP private channel in Augmented Finance’s Discord

1/ Go to #verification channel in Augmented Finance’s Discord and type !join

2/ Search for a message from Collab.Land bot in your Discord direct messages

3/ Click on the link in the message from Collab.Land bot

4/ Connect Metamask or another wallet that you used to provide liquidity to Augmented Finance. You’ll be asked to sign a message from Collab.Land bot: it’s free and safe.

5/ If you supplied $100,000+ in any assets to Augmented Finance, you will automatically join #VIP private Discord channel

#VIP private Discord channel is for professional liquidity providers

You’ll be able to join #VIP private channel if the wallet that you use for verification in Discord, supplied $100,000+ in any assets to Augmented Finance’s pools.

We have different ranks assigned to our users based on the amount of assets supplied to the protocol:

<$10K — agPenguin

$10K-100K — agPunk

$100K-1M — agApe

$1M-10M — agWhale

$10M+ — agBoss

agApes, agWhales, and agBosses are eligible to join #VIP Discord private channel. We highly appreciate the input of agPenguins and agPunks and will be in touch with them via all public Discord channels.

Personalized support and AMAs with devs in #VIP private Discord channel

We want to stay in close touch with those who supply significant assets to the protocol to understand how we can serve them better and improve their experience with Augmented Finance. #VIP private Discord channel will allow its members to get personal support and directly communicate with the protocol devs. On occasion, we’ll be giving #VIP private Discord channel members sneak peeks of what we are working on before these news are announced to a broader community.

BTW, Augmented Finance’s Early Liquidity Mining program will run for 2 more days, don’t miss a chance to join:

Augmented is on a mission to build an open, efficient, and globally accessible financial system.