Augmented Finance on Binance Smart Chain is Live! Unique Lending Pools & High APYs

DeFi on BSC is cool, but have you tried Augmented Finance?


  • Augmented Finance launched on Binance Smart Chain and opened lending pools for tokens that users were unable to lend and borrow previously

Binance Smart Chain is a home for a number of really great projects and has an incredibly huge and diverse community. DeFi natives love BSC for its low transaction prices, ease of use and other benefits of the whole Binance ecosystem.

DeFi users on BSC want to maximize APY and borrowing power of collateral of their digital assets. However, today many digital assets (emerging tokens, interest-bearing and staked tokens, NFTs) do not earn APY or can’t be used as collateral.

The time has come and we are happy to give the holders of these digital assets an opportunity to earn high yields with Augmented Finance. We created lending pools for the tokens that BSC users were not able to lend & borrow previously: TRX, REEF, AUTO, UNI, SUSHI, DODO, BIFI, LINA, INJ, CHR.

Augmented Finance’s vision is to create the foundation for multichain liquidity. Augmented is building a DeFi liquidity protocol with full cross-chain compatibility to merge the liquidity across all chains and let users lend and borrow any assets on various chains simultaneously.

Why Augmented Finance on Binance Smart Chain is great:

📈 High APY

  • High APY on 33 tokens with accelerated yield farming

🔓 Top security

👌 Easy to use

  • User-friendly interface

Enjoy incredible yields for Staking AGF and PancakeSwap AGF-BUSD LPs!

1/ Stake AGF and get up to 180,665% APY

2/ Stake AGF-BUSD PancakeSwap LPs and get up to 11,163% APY

It’s Easy to Maximize Your Yield on BSC

1/ Enter

2/ Make sure that your Metamask or another wallet is connected to Binance Smart Chain network

3/ Supply assets (follow the step-by-step guide)

4/ Check yield maximization strategies on Augmented Finance

5/ Choose your strategy and enjoy Augmented yields with 1,000%+ APYs 🤑

Spread the word about Augmented Finance and our vision to build the foundation for multi-chain liquidity to enable users to lend and borrow any assets and various chains simultaneously.

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