Augmented Finance Referral Program: Refer a Friend and Earn AGF Tokens

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3 min readMar 21, 2022


We’re excited to launch the Augmented Finance Referral Program, a community-driven program designed to spread the word about Augmented Finance to crypto and DeFi communities. Invite your friends to join Augmented Finance!

We made our referral program simple and transparent.


  • Referral — a user who give its referral link to new users
  • Referee — a new user of who used a referral link to join the protocol

How to Participate in the Referral Program?

  1. Go to and connect your wallet (MetaMask or Wallet Connect). To be eligible for the referral program, make sure you have at least one supply transaction on the protocol for any amount, on any chain.
  2. Get a unique referral link on the “Referral Program” page and share it to invite new users to join Augmented Finance
  3. Every 2 weeks your AGF rewards are accrued to you. Claim it in your Dashboard.

As soon as your friends join Augmented Finance and supply any supported assets or stake DEX LPs, you will start receiving referral rewards. Rewards are tracked in real-time, viewable on the “Referral Program” page.

Referral program details and requirements:

  1. The referee should be a new user who have never used before.
  2. There is no limit to the number of referees (new users) a referral can invite.
  3. Daily snapshots are taken at random time for supplied and staked balances for all new users who joined via referral links to fairly calculate the referral rewards.
  4. Referral reward period is not limited. As long as your referees (new users) keep assets in the lending pools and/or DEX LPs in staking, you will receive referral rewards for inviting them.
  5. No multi-level referrals. A user receives referral rewards only for new users who joined via his unique referral link.
  6. Users are not allowed to self-invite through multiple accounts. If such activity is detected, all referrals for that user will be canceled and all referral rewards will also be canceled. The referral program is actively managed and will adjust rewards if abusive behavior occurs.


Is the Referral Program for Everyone?

Absolutely. No limits for participation. Connect your wallet to, get your referral link and spread it!

What does my referral reward depend on?

  1. The amount of assets your referees (new users) supplied and/or staked. They can supply any supported assets and/or stake DEX LPs on any chain where Augmented Finance is launched. The more referees (new users) supply to the lending pools and stake DEX LPs, the larger referral reward you get.
  2. The period of time your referees keep their assets supplied in the lending pools or DEX LPs staked. The longer referees (new users) keep assets in the lending pools or DEX LPs in staking, the larger referral reward you will get.

Are there any multi-level rewards?

No. You only get rewards from the new who used your referral link.

I’m a news user. What if I will use many reflinks?

It won’t work for second, third, etc. referral links. Your wallet address will be “linked” only to the first referral link you used to join the protocol.

How about the existing referees I have? Will they stay valid?

Yes, you’ll get rewarded for all referees (new users) you invited since the Augmented Finance protocol launch (since October 2021).

The referral program evolves. Our team will closely monitor its metrics, community sentiment, and the program may be subject to adjustments. If you have any questions or feedback, please join our Discord.

About Augmented Finance

Augmented Finance is a next-gen DeFi liquidity protocol with full cross-chain compatibility to merge the liquidity across all chains and let users lend and borrow on various chains simultaneously.

Augmented Finance is building the foundation for multi-chain liquidity and supporting a long-tail of emerging digital assets to let users put these assets to work while maintaining exposure to their long-term value.

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