Augmented Finance Testnet Bug Bounty: Retrospective and Prizes


  • Incredible 2,600+ testers participated in the public bug bounty of Augmented Finance in Kovan testnet during the past 2 weeks
  • Augmented Finance devs fixed all of 24 findings
  • 5,000+ new followers on social media
  • Welcome 81 winners!

Dear Augmented Community,

First of all we’d like to express our appreciation to all the testers who joined Augmented Finance testnet! We’ve reached all of the testnet goals and we couldn’t have done it without your incredible engagement.

Testnet bug bounty insights

  • 2,600+ testers from 90 countries worldwide!
  • 10.5 minutes — average time spent on testing
  • 500+ reports submitted
  • 24 different issues found, all of them have already been fixed

Major bug fixes:

  • Staking agTokens — solved, the user manual updated
  • Couldn’t disable the collateral — solved, the user manual updated
  • Withdrawal failed — solved all assets, including ETH
  • Borrow failed — solved
  • Supply failed, boost failed, lock increase doesn’t work — solved by fixing gas limit issues
  • AGF claim failed— solved
  • ‘Max’ button glitch — solved
  • Repay failed — solved

Community Growth

Augmented community is really powerful and it’s a great foundation for the successful mainnet launch and further protocol development. Thank you very much!

  • Discord — 5,403 (+812) followers
  • Twitter — 2,672 (+1,358) followers
  • Reddit — 1,013 (+897) followers
  • Medium — 1,603 (+999) followers
  • Telegram — 2,627 (+1,367) followers

Drumroll for the winners 🥁…

  • The team has triaged all reports and granted rewards to 81 testers.
  • Bug assessment was based on the Immunefi Severity Classification System.
  • Rewards were granted to the testers, who provided the most ​​comprehensive reports and feedback: the biggest amount of bugs, UI/UX inconsistencies, improvement suggestions.
  • Identical findings were rewarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

See if you are a winner

What’s next

Winners will be able to claim and get their AGF rewards in 6 weeks after the Augmented Finance mainnet launch

Augmented Finance is well on its way to the mainnet launch.

Join our Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and Medium to stay informed on our updates and news. Spread the word about Augmented Finance and our mission to help everyone achieve and secure financial independence and be a trusted long-term source of income and liquidity.




Augmented is on a mission to build an open, efficient, and globally accessible financial system.

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Augmented Finance

Augmented Finance

Augmented is on a mission to build an open, efficient, and globally accessible financial system.

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