Augmented Finance will launch on Kovan testnet

We are delighted to announce that the Augmented Finance protocol is launching on Kovan testnet by the end of August. The date will be announced closer to the launch.

A $10,000 reward pool of $AGF will be distributed amongst participants for engaging in various activities. We have activities for users to test key functionalities as well as social media tasks. Detailed instructions will be provided later.

Anybody is open to participate. To take part and be considered for the reward pool, please sign up for the Testnet here.

The Augmented Finance protocol will be launched on Ethereum Mainnet after the testing and completion of the thorough security audit. The security audit by PeckShield, the leading blockchain security firm, is currently underway, more details here.


About Augmented Finance

Augmented Finance is a DeFi liquidity protocol for high-yield lending and low-interest borrowing of digital assets, launched fairly and enabled by AI. Augmented Finance is on a mission to help everyone achieve and secure financial independence and be a trusted long-term source of income and liquidity.

Augmented Finance focuses on intelligence as a core capability. Augmented Finance learns and evolves behavior based on market activity and brings the highest level of efficiency to the market. Augmented Finance factors in not only collateralization levels but also liquidation history, interactions with other lending protocols, and transactional patterns to develop an intelligent and quantitative profile of borrowers and lenders.

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