Augmented Finance’s Early Liquidity Mining: Ups & Downs, Lessons Learned, and Plans Ahead

Reasons for TVL drop

Currently all these issues are fixed ✅

Number of holders for AGF tokens

The real number of AGF token holders is much larger than shown on Etherscan for now.

The team is working hard to get back on track and grow TVL 📈

  1. The protocol is launching on BCS and other L1/L2 in late 2021 — early 2022. Low tx fees on BSC and other L1/L2 will attract more retail lenders and borrowers. Current Ethereum fees ($100–300/tx) are not suitable for retail lenders/borrowers.
  2. We are working on a number of high-potential partnerships.
  3. Innovations on the product side:
  • Enabling holders of liquid NFT collections to use them as a collateral to borrow other assets
  • NFT fractionalization



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