Our mission is to build an open, efficient, and globally accessible financial system.

Our roadmap includes three major stages:

1. Build Large Community

  • Talk to teams behind low-cap blockchain projects that have achieved limited progress but have active communities
  • Offer these projects to burn their tokens (via proof of burn mechanism) and receive the equivalent value in the Augmented Governance Tokens (AGF)
  • Rapidly build the Augmented Finance Community, without creating obligations towards venture or ICO investors

2. Build Massive Liquidity

  • Migrate liquidity from Aave and Compound — by offering holders of interest-bearing tokens (aTokens and cTokens) to stake them to the Augmented Finance Protocol and receive additional AGF tokens for bringing liquidity into Augmented Finance
  • Build massive initial liquidity to kickstart the Augmented Finance Protocol

3. Launch the Most Efficient Lending & Borrowing Protocol

  • Launch a new autonomous non-custodial liquidity protocol for earning the highest interest on deposits and borrowing digital assets with the lowest rates
  • The AGF tokens will be at the core of the Augmented Finance Protocol, starting from governance and staking to more utilities as the adoption of the Augmented Finance Protocol grows