Early Liquidity Mining ended. Earn even more yields with Augmented Finance!


  • Early Liquidity Mining program has successfully completed: $19M TVL as of 23 October 2021 12PM UTC;
  • AGF emission started on 23 October 2021;
  • Early Liquidity Mining reward pool distribution and claims will become available on 27 October 2021 12PM UTC, as well as distribution and claims for burners and testers.

Early liquidity mining rewards distribution

  • Can be partially claimed and transferred starting from 27 October 2021, 12PM UTC.
  • Will become fully claimable and transferable by 20 November 2021, 12PM UTC

AGF emission started

  • Staking rewards from “Stake AGF” pool
  • Yield boost (up to 4X more AGF) from the Boost pool for all types of operations (supply / borrow / stake agTokens / stake Uni LP)

Stake AGF and stake Uni v2 AGF-ETH pool LPs to maximize yields

  • Get AGF tokens: buy them in Uniswap v2 AGF-ETH pool or claim them after supplying, borrowing, or staking assets on Augmented Finance;
  • Go to Uniswap v2 AGF-ETH pool and provide both AGF and ETH to the pool. You get Uni v2 AGF-ETH LP tokens in return;
  • Stake your Uni v2 AGF-ETH LP tokens to Augmented Finance and earn both the fees from Uniswap and AGF rewards for staking Uni LPs;
  • Supply (USDC, USDT, DAI, ETH, WBTC), borrow, or stake any assets;
  • Go to Boost and set the auto-stake parameters to reflect your preferred timeframe for staking AGF; the longer your stake and the more AGF tokens you stake, the larger the yield boost (4X max boost) and more AGF rewards you get;
  • Go to Dashboard page and click “Claim & boost”;
  • Start earning your AGF rewards;
  • Repeat by increasing the amount of AGF in the stake and increasing the staking period to maximize your yields.

Further plans



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