PeckShield’s Security Audit Successfully Completed: Augmented Finance is Secure

Augmented Finance
3 min readSep 9, 2021


  • Peckshield has completed the previously announced security audit
  • Peckshield found 18 vulnerabilities
  • Augmented Finance team have fixed all of identified vulnerabilities

Dear Augmented Community,

We are proud to announce that the Augmented Finance protocol’s smart-contract security audit has been successfully completed. Peckshield audited and tested all the components and smart contracts: 20,000+ lines of code in total.

During the 6-week audit, 18 issues were found — 2 high severity, 8 medium severity, 6 low severity, and 2 other issues were found. All these issues have been fixed and resolved.

In this audit, we have analyzed the Augmented Finance design and implementation. The system presents a unique, robust DeFi lending protocol that allows users to freely deposit virtual assets as collateral in order to borrow virtual assets. It is designed with a protocol token AGF that can be used starting from governance voting, staking and yield boosting, to more utilities as Augmented Finance usage grows. The current code base is well structured and neatly organized. Those identified issues are promptly confirmed and addressed.

— Yiqun Chen, PeckShield

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Thank you for your support and stay Augmented!

About PeckShield

PeckShield is a leading blockchain security company that aims to elevate the security, privacy, and usability of the entire blockchain ecosystem by offering top-notch, industry-leading services and products. The company was founded by forward-looking, passionate entrepreneurs and veteran researchers, with a strong desire to improve state-of-the-art security of large-scale systems.

PeckShield provides services and products to identify vulnerabilities (e.g. in smart contracts and consensus protocols), expose zero-day exploits, and defend against emerging threats. With dozens of years experience and noted achievements in the area of vulnerability analysis, operating systems, and malware defense, PeckShield provided security solutions to multiple blockchain projects such as Aave, Maker, SushiSwap, and more.

About Augmented Finance

Augmented Finance is a DeFi liquidity protocol for high-yield lending and low-interest borrowing of digital assets, launched fairly and enabled by AI.

Augmented Finance is on a mission to help everyone achieve and secure financial independence and be a trusted long-term source of income and liquidity.

Augmented Finance focuses on intelligence as a core capability. Augmented Finance learns and evolves behavior based on market activity and brings the highest level of efficiency to the market. Augmented Finance factors in not only collateralization levels but also liquidation history, interactions with other lending protocols, and transactional patterns to develop an intelligent and quantitative profile of borrowers and lenders.

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Augmented Finance

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