An overview of basic and yield-maximizing strategies on Augmented Finance

Firstly, why would anyone borrow or supply their tokens on Augmented Finance?

Earn interest on your crypto

Supply your assets to Augmented Finance in order to earn rewards denominated in the underlying assets (“Supply Base APY”). This reward is variable depending on the utilization ratio…

🎟️ Supply $100k+ in any assets and join exclusive private Discord channel #VIP for personal support and direct communication with devs! ​

How to join #VIP private channel in Augmented Finance’s Discord

1/ Go to #verification channel in Augmented Finance’s Discord and type !join

2/ Search for a message from Collab.Land bot in your Discord direct messages

3/ Click on…

Increase your yields from Aave and Compound by supplying aTokens and cTokens to Augmented Finance and earn 300+% APY!

Augmented Finance is a new innovative DeFi liquidity protocol for high-yield lending and low-interest borrowing of digital assets. …

Augmented Finance’s Early Liquidity Mining program will run for one more week till 23 October 2021, 12PM UTC and an additional 15,000 AGF will be added to the Early Liquidity Mining reward pool of 100,000 AGF.

Following the successful start of the Early Liquidity Mining program, we are thrilled to…

02 October 2021: Augmented Finance launched on Ethereum Mainnet after nine months of intense research, development, and security testing. The Early Liquidity Mining program is active till 16 October 2021.

The program is extended till 23 October 2021 (12PM UTC). The reward pool was increased to 115,000 AGF.

➡️ Join Early Liquidity Mining now to maximize rewards

➡️ Become a member of our 13,000+ strong community

📖 Useful…


  • Incredible 2,600+ testers participated in the public bug bounty of Augmented Finance in Kovan testnet during the past 2 weeks
  • Augmented Finance devs fixed all of 24 findings
  • 5,000+ new followers on social media
  • Welcome 81 winners!

Dear Augmented Community,

First of all we’d like to express our appreciation to…


  • Impressive 1700+ testers joined during the first week of public testing!
  • 300+ reports submitted by testers
  • Augmented Finance devs fixed many bugs and created FAQ about most common bugs

Dear Augmented Community,

We’d like to thank each and every tester for your contribution to Augmented Finance’s future success: our joint…

Hi everyone!

We are happy to announce the Augmented Finance protocol launch on the Kovan testnet. A $15,000 reward pool of $AGF will be distributed amongst participants for engaging in various activities. Read the testnet instructions below and welcome.

Here is the list of features included in the testnet:

  • 8…


  • Peckshield has completed the previously announced security audit
  • Peckshield found 18 vulnerabilities
  • Augmented Finance team have fixed all of identified vulnerabilities

Dear Augmented Community,

We are proud to announce that the Augmented Finance protocol’s smart-contract security audit has been successfully completed. …

Sometimes it can be confusing which lending protocol to use to protect and increase the value of your crypto holdings. Currently leading lending protocols – Aave and Compound – offer little in the way of development for the industry as a whole.

DeFi: still early stage of development

Let’s face it, Aave and Compound are still…

Augmented Finance

Augmented is on a mission to build an open, efficient, and globally accessible financial system.

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